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Vertro was founded in 2015 in the Netherlands. Our main activities are the manufacture, design and distribution of construction machinery and equipment. During this short time, we assisted customers all over the world on various projects. Besides our products, we also share our decades of experience with our domestic and foreign customers. We are currently planning to expand our business to other parts of the world.

We are here to provide you with the right solution for your application.


Vertro's entire business model has been developed around a few core values.

  • Safety

    We work “safely deliberately, not accidentally.”

  • Honesty

    We believe in uncompromisingly fair and ethical dealings with everyone – our valued customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

  • respect

    We believe in respecting the beliefs and opinions of everyone.

  • Performance

    We encourage our teams to always give the best of themselves, to meet the expectations of our customers and our company.

  • Products

    We strive to remain customer-oriented by providing products with the very best quality.

  • Add value

    Besides the fact that we respect our customers and give them the best possible service, we make an effort to add some extra value with every transaction.

  • Community

    We work with the wider community and support their causes.

  • Attitude

    We remain optimistic and committed to acting in accordance with our values.