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Vertro's vision and mission statements emphasize the company's core values. To be number one in the sectors in which we operate, continuous improvement is necessary to reach the benchmark for reliability and durability. In addition to supplying equipment, we strive to remain customer-oriented, offer the right solutions and have the right range of products, with a high value over the lifetime, which can be adapted to the customer's needs, within the correct time frames.

Furthermore, the ability to put together the right solution requires that these services are delivered by the right people, with competent knowledge and skills.


To be the #1 equipment and solutions provider for our customers. By knowing what our customers need and through our highly trained, safe and experienced workforce, our goal is to be the number one in equipment solutions.

Let's work together

Vertro was founded with the belief that performance, availability and meeting our customers' needs is paramount to our business. Our main activities consist of manufacturing and trading construction machinery and equipment. We focus our efforts on providing the equipment and machine solutions our customers are looking for and sharing our expertise with them.

At Vertro, we are sensitive to the needs of our customers. When evaluating a solution, we consider how the company does business and what their main drivers are to ensure the best results for customers.

From small, to medium and large companies, we have worked for many different clients, allowing us to be flexible, yet have experience in similar sectors and organizations of the same size.


Our mission is to be a leading global equipment supplier, committed to improving our services and product offerings to meet the unique requirements of our customers. By partnering with leading manufacturers and our employees, we strive to be the number one solution provider.