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Vertro was one of the first companies to produce rebar bending and cutting machines, as well as other construction equipment, and has many years of experience and know-how behind its products. Vertro machines are produced using an automated system that utilizes all the technical capabilities of highly equipped manufacturing plants and are manufactured according to CE standards and other international standards. Vertro produces 95 percent of its production with CNC units and all parts of the machines are produced in its own building. Each individual part is produced with advanced manufacturing hardware such as welding robots.

All parts of the new generation of CNC units are standardized and of high quality. Computers are deployed during every production phase.

The quality of all parts and units used in the machines is monitored and controlled. In this way, every Vertro-branded machine guarantees that it meets international standards and is capable of great performance.

We know that most of our machines are used in harsh, rugged outdoor workplaces. That is why we have used electrostatic paint for extra protection against wear. The parts that work together and may not be painted are coated with zinc and phosphate. All parts of the machine with transmitting power are made of steel. The heat treatment for cement and hardened steel is applied depending on the place of use. This heat treatment is implemented in the heat treatment unit, which is being built in the Vertro production plant.

EVO system

Vertro designs and manufactures the gearboxes used in EVO machines in its own factory. Vertro machines use one-piece planetary gearboxes. The gearboxes are made of special steel material and are produced with CNC units in a laboratory environment. Computer controlled quality control tests are performed during each production phase. Vertro gearboxes can be easily installed as a spare part.


Vertro leverages and represents all the opportunities that technology offers with its investment power and vision for R&D.

Possibilities include reliability and speed for its production process and consistency and additional functions for its products.

Vertro is breaking new ground and is the market leader because it is one of the first organizations to use CNC machines and technical welding robots for the production of bending machines for rebar presses.

Vertro heeft een vaste O&O-structuur, verbetert de functies en mogelijkheden van haar producten en ontwikkelt steeds meer modellen en soorten machines. Alle door Vertro geproduceerde machines worden getest door zeer bekende, internationale aanbieders van CE-certificeringen.